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Delaware AGD Leaders: Insights from Their Meeting with National AGD House of Delegates in Chicago

AGD House of Delegates where all the states' AGD constituents meet for it's annual meeting was held Nov. 10-12. Your representatives from Delaware were Dr. Nick Russo (Region 5 trustee), Dr. Laura Dougherty (DE AGD secretary and HOD alternate delegate), Dr. Tom Lanzilotti (DE AGD president and HOD delegate), and Dr. John "Nick" Russo (national AGD parliamentarian).

We got an inside look at the AGD on the national level and what they're doing to represent the general dentistry profession across the nation. We also got to meet with our colleagues from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC who along with Delaware make up Region 5 on the national AGD level.

Some new officers were installed over this productive weekend such as Dr. Merlin Ohmer as the national AGD president, Dr. Marck Worob as vice president, Dr. Kim Wright as secretary, Dr. Robert Peskin as speaker of the House of Delegates, and Dr. Timothy Kosinski as editor.

Further, we would like to congratulate Dr. Nick Russo who was re-elected as the Region 5 trustee to the national AGD.

One of the pearls we learned from this meeting is how the AGD is moving forward with representing the general dentist and our patients. While there are many outlets such as Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts, where we can gain advice on practice management, materials, procedures, etc. there is no other organization or social media site that will advocate for the general dentist on the national level like the Academy of General Dentistry. We thank you for your membership, and we always look to welcome more Delaware general dentists into the fold.

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