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Optimal Esthetics for the Maxillary Anterior Implant

with Brent Ludens, DDS


6 p.m. - 8 p.m
December 14, 2023

Course Description

No two subjects have impacted the general practitioner in the last two decades more than esthetic and implant dentistry. Dentistry has witnessed tremendous advancement in both disciplines. Advancement in dental materials, technology, clinical techniques, surgical protocols, implant designs, and laboratory support has created realistic patient care that often exceeds most expectations. The increased level of sophistication, however, has brought with it a significant responsibility for dentists to acquire the necessary knowledge to deliver esthetic and implant treatment at the highest level. This program is not only designed to reinforce the basic concepts of esthetic and implant dentistry, but more importantly it is intended to expand on the next level of treatment sophistication. The real world of clinical practice too often presents the clinician with cases that are not ideal esthetic or implant cases. Many cases require multiple modalities. Some present challenges in failed or retreatment needs. Decisions in prosthetic design and material selection can cause confusion. Interdisciplinary care is often necessary in a significant number of situations. Hence, more often than not, the clinical needs of patients—whether esthetic, mechanical, functional, or financial—require a greater degree of information than most esthetic or implant programs deliver. Utilizing real case studies, this course delivers a detailed approach to diagnosing, treatment planning, case presentation, professional communication, material selection, and delivery of treatment. An extensive course handout will provide detailed information on the necessary materials, equipment, instrumentation, technology, and techniques required. Specific step-by-step protocols, flow charts, and checklist will give each participant a tremendous clinical reference that is easy to follow and geared for the real full-time general dentist

Learning Objectives

– Restorative indications for maxillary anterior dental implants. – Decisions in implant dentistry for maxillary anterior implant(s). – Detailed explanation of the new angulated screw channel (ASC) abutment. – Discussion of the new full-contour zirconia (FCZ) implant crown. – Extraction with immediate implant placement. – Delayed placement. – Provisional restorations. – Management of soft tissue. – Developing an emergence profile. – Developing or maintaining the papilla. – Immediate provisionalization – indications. – Delayed provisionalization – indications. – Communication – developing your implant team – With the patient – Between the surgeon and restorative dentist – Between the restorative dentist and the laboratory – Staff considerations and responsibilities – Practice management

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